Per i nostri traduttori: Presto i nuovi PO
Stiamo lavorando alla realizzazione di nuovi PO pił dettagliati, che comprenderanno anche una scheda per il controllo qualitą. Pur...

Marketing, Advertising & Web Site Translations

Escalating market expansion and segmentation requires ever-increasing attention to corporate communication strategies. Creating a tailor-made corporate language can make the difference in the growth of your business.
IT&T sets the highest standards for marketing translations.
Working with a team of language and industry experts, we help you to choose the appropriate register and to determine the correct language usage for any cultural environment.
Our challenge is to help your company build brand awareness and corporate identity to embrace new markets.
Our services include: Advertising Copy, Newsletters, Brochures, Slogans, Claims & Payoffs, Web Sites Localization.
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Marketing, Advertising & Web Site Translations Medical Devices & Scientific Translations
Software Localization Technical Translations

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